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A LETTER FROM JACK for Old Lincoln Parts

This is how it all started.   Ever since the Mark II was introduced, I was awed by it, and dreamed some day I might own one. In 1961, I located a Mark II that had damage to the right rear quarter panel. I felt I could find the parts to repair the damage at a reasonable cost since I was in the auto dismantling business. I found what was supposed to be a N.O.S. quarter panel for $50.00. Upon receiving the quarter, I was surprised that it was for a 1956 Lincoln Premiere! I was devastated and didn't know what to do. I advertised through the automobile media for the parts and found a Mark II that was hit in the front end. I purchased it and removed the parts I needed. I enjoyed driving and tinkering with Mark II for several months then started selling the extra parts. Over the next few years, I purchased a few more cars, and decided to print a catalog listing parts and services available. I've accumulated an enormous inventory of new, N.O.S., rebuilt and used parts. What started out to be a hobby has turned into a business! In 1979, I established a national mail order business, Reliable Motoring Accessories, specializing in custom car covers and automotive accessories. In 1989, we won the National Catalog Award with our 60-page 8-color catalog. In January 1991, I decided to semi-retire, and scale down the accessory business, as it turned out to be too time intensive preventing me from spending the time with my Mark II's and other hobbies.   After 45-years, I have accumulated over 125 Mark IIs and '49 thru 60's Lincoln's, which are in various conditions; some for parts, restoration, etc. My black Mark II received 1st place in each of the two times shown at an L.C.O.C. National Meet, including the FoMoCo� Trophy. In 1996, I completed a Bermuda Coral '57 Lincoln Premiere convertible, for my wife Linda. It won first in its class in September, '96 at the L.C.O.C. Western Meet, and first in class and also the prestigious William Coughlin award (best 1951-60 Lincoln) at the '98 Western National Meet in Santa Fe, NM. Recently, it received its 2nd Emeritus award with 100 points scored. My latest project, a 1957 Mark II is in the final stages of restoration.. My Sunburst Yellow, 1956 Lincoln Premiere convertible, won the Lincoln Motor Car Award for best primary 1949-1960 Lincoln and a 1st in its class in 2001, both first times in competition. In 2002, the '56 received a 1st in class and the William Coughlin award for best 1949-1960 Lincoln in senior class with 100 points scored. In 2003, it received 1st runner-up to Best of Show and in April of 2004, it won 1st in class again with 100 points and the Elliston H. Bell Award for Best of Show at the Western National Meet in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have several projects in the works including '57 Mark II, '47 Cabriolet, '59, '63 and '66 Lincoln Continental Convertibles, �79 Ferrari BB512, �42 and �51 Ford Woody Wagon, and my wife's �48 Ford Anglia with a Supercharged Chevy engine.   For those who have access to a computer, view and print our latest catalog on our website www.markii.com. Most items have pictures and detailed information. Purchasing any item is easy and all personal information is encrypted by VeriSign for your security.   I�m always available to give you my personal attention, even if it's just for questions any day 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Pacific time, and weekends by chance.(Please use our Toll-Free number within 50-States and Canada). If you get a recorded message, we�re either on the phone, or out in the yard.   We�ve recently acquired several Mark II and �49-67 Lincoln parts cars. Inquire for your needs. The Continental Mark II Association is on hold and hopefully will resume in the near future.   Our new in-house business manufacturing plastic lenses is getting busier by the day. We have accumulated over 500 molds for most Lincoln and Mercury's and have expanded into other vehicle makes. Watch for our new steering wheels and interior knobs, manufactured as original with the color impregnated in the plastic. "If it can be made in plastic, we can do it and you can�t tell them from N.O.S.�   Before I conclude this letter, I suffered a near-fatal heart attack in 2003 and a serious motorcycle accident in 2004. I wish to thank everyone for their positive comments and support. My recovery has went quite well. With the help of my wife Linda, son Brent and daughter Renee, I will continue to provide the personal attention you deserve.     Sincerely yours,